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55th CBHL Annual Meeting 2023

A LibGuide for the CBHL Annual Meeting in 2023, hosted virtually by the Fort Worth Botanic Garden | Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

Table Talk Ideas

Table Talks planned for Thursday, May 4

Table talks give attendees the opportunity to share tips, tricks, and challenges with fellow librarians!  From archival management to digitization and digital preservation, cataloging to grant writing, helpful software programs to storage space solutions, programming to measuring impact to stakeholders... there's much to discuss! 

We will meet over Zoom's Breakout Rooms, and there will be 3 separate sessions, each 20 minutes long.  You can choose which of the breakout sessions you'd like to attend.

Table Talk 1: "Where Do Ideas Come From?” - a discussion on how to produce ideas for exhibitions and displays

Table Talk 2:  Rendering remote access to collections - a discussion on digitization, digital preservation, digital exhibits, blogs, and other methods of granting patrons access to library materials

Table Talk 3: Stacks management and storage solutions - a discussion on how your library manages limited storage, making the case for increased space or compactor shelving units, etc.

Table Talk 4: Free-for-all in the lobby -- bring your burning issues and topics you'd like to discuss