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55th CBHL Annual Meeting 2023

A LibGuide for the CBHL Annual Meeting in 2023, hosted virtually by the Fort Worth Botanic Garden | Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

Annual Literature Award

CBHL Annual Literature Award

Created in 2000, the CBHL Annual Literature Award is given by CBHL to both the author and publisher of works that makes a significant contribution to the literature of botany or horticulture.  The awards are presented at CBHL's Annual Meeting.  The purpose is to:

  • Recognize works that makes a significant contribution to the literature of botany or horticulture;
  • Increase the visibility of CBHL;
  • Encourage participation by the CBHL community in recognizing significant contributions to the literature of the field.

Works will be judged by members of the Annual Literature Award Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Organization and presentation of information
  • Uniqueness of the contribution to the literature of the field
  • Excellence of intellectual content
  • Design and composition of the work

The committee encourages nominations that honor diversity, equity and inclusion. We also believe these concepts intersect with the current science of climate change and give consideration to how a nominee helps bring these topics forward.

The 2023 Nominees are... See this year's list of nominees on the CBHL website (coming soon!).

Winner(s) will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

For more information about the CBHL Annual Literature Award, open the link below to read a 2017 article from Committee Chair Brian Thompson.