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51st Annual CBHL 2019 Meeting: Table Talk Ideas

Table Talk Ideas

Table Talks are planned for Friday afternoon from 1:50 - 3:00 pm.

What would you like to talk about with your CBHL colleagues? Book groups, helpful software programs, programming ideas... there's a lot to discuss.

Send your ideas to Beth and your topic might become a Table Talk.


The following table topics were submitted. Join in or create a Table Talk of your own.

  • Digital Image and Asset Storage -- How are the thousands of digital photos and documents in member libraries and organizations being stored for access? What systems and software are members using? (submitted by Beth Brand)
  • Acquisitions -- How do member libraries purchase? How do they choose what to purchase? What would they like to do better? (submitted by Susan Eubank)
  • Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Recovery -- What plans and procedures do CBHL libraries have in place? Have they had to deal with disasters or emergencies and did their planning help direct them towards recovery? (submitted by Irene Holliman)
  • Favorite Things – Choose a favorite item or document from your collection (could be a book or a letter) and tell others why you find it special. (submitted by Rita Hassert)