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New E-Books in the Arboretum Library

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Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture - Geert-Jan De Klerk (Editor); Michael A. Hall (Editor); Edwin F. George (Editor), 3rd. ed., Dordrecht: Springer, 2008.
Call Number: eb SB123.6 .B33 2008eb
ISBN: 9781402050046
For researchers and students, George's books have become the standard works on in vitro plant propagation. For this, the third edition of the classic work, authors with specialist knowledge have been brought on board to cover the hugely expanded number of topics in the subject area. Scientific knowledge has expanded rapidly since the second edition and it would now be a daunting task for a single author to cover all aspects adequately. However, this edition still maintains the integration that was characteristic of the previous editions. The first volume of the new edition highlights the scientific background of in vitro propagation. The second volume covers the practice of micropropagation and describes its various applications.

Cover Art
Britain's Wild Flowers - Rosamond Richardson, London, [England] : National Trust, 2017.
Call Number: eb QK306 .R534 2017eb
ISBN: 9781909881921
A fascinating look at the myths, folklore and botany behind over 70 British wildflowers. From hedgerows to meadows, wildflowers can be found throughout our green and pleasant land. In this book, journalist and garden writer Rosamond Richardson traces the history and myths behind each flower to discover the fascinating ways in which the plants were used. Discover which flower used as a medieval lie-detector to test the innocence of suspected criminals, or stuffed in the shoes of Roman centurions to prevent damage to their feet as they marched. From periwinkles, beloved of Chaucer, and the oxlips and 'nodding violet' growing in the forest of A Midsummer Night's Dream, the book celebrates the important role wildflowers have played in literature, as well as their uses in food and medicine, and the history, myths and tales behind each species. The nineteenth-century poet John Clare wrote, 'I love wildflowers (none are weeds with me)'. This book is a celebration of the bountiful history behind Britain's beloved wildflowers and is perfect for anyone with an interest in gardening, history or the natural world.

Cover Art
Broccoli - Bernhard H. J. Juurlink, Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2016.
Call Number: eb SB333 .B763 2016eb
ISBN: 9781634843133
This book is a must read for anyone interested in Hippocrates' dictum: "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food". This book focuses on the therapeutic effects of broccoli phytochemicals, in particular certain glucosinolate metabolites and flavonoids. This book is organized in such a manner that people with only a basic background in the biological sciences would profit greatly. Anyone interested in any area of nutrigenomics would profit from reading this book as well. This would include horticulturists interested in how phytochemicals may be therapeutic, as well as nutritionists and other health professionals who wish to better understand how diet may influence gene expression and thereby health. Persons engaged in the food-processing industry will also find this book profitable. This book will be of especial interest to graduate students as well as health profession students. The book starts out with a chapter outlining the role of Professor Paul Talalay of Johns Hopkins University and his colleagues, whom initially identified activators of the Nrf2 signalling pathway as playing a critical role in the anti-cancer properties of certain phytochemicals and then went on to greatly develop this area of nutrigenomic research, most recently with human clinical trials. Since many of the therapeutic effects of broccoli consumption can be attributed to specific glucosinolates, two chapters deal with glucosinolates in general (Chapter Two) and glucosinolate distribution in different broccoli cultivars specifically (Chapter Three). Nrf2 activators will influence xenobiotic metabolism in a number of ways; hence, Chapter Four gives an overview of xenobiotic metabolism. Chronic diseases, a major target of nutraceuticals, are a major health concern and place a huge burden on the health care system. Chronic diseases are driven by oxidative stress and generalized inflammation. To understand the medicinal effects of plant bioactive compounds requires an understanding of the mechanisms of oxidant production and scavenging, how oxidative stress affects signalling pathways, and the roles of certain phytochemicals in countering oxidative stress and inflammation. This is the topic of Chapter Five. Chapter Six outlines the Nrf2 signalling pathway and its role in regaining redox and metabolic homeostasis. Broccoli also contains bioactive flavonoids that influence xenobotic metabolism and Nrf2 signalling. Chapter Seven deals with flavonoids with a focus on the major flavonoids found in broccoli, quercetin and kaempferol. Chapters Eight through Eleven outline some of the basic research examining the effects of sulforaphane on x-irradiation-mediated damage, UV-mediated skin damage and perinatal ischemic insults. Chapters Twelve and Three give an overview of some of the clinical trials that involve intake of sulforaphane/broccoli sprouts. The last four chapters deal with the agronomic aspects of broccoli, including cultivation, post-harvest processing and how various cooking methods affect the bioactive components in broccoli.

Cover Art
Greenhouses - Editors of Cool Springs Press; Philip Schmidt, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Cool Springs Press, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB416 .C665 2017eb
ISBN: 9781591866749
Find all of the most up-to-date information you need to design and equip your own greenhouse, all in one place! BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses is a new edition to the popular Complete Guide to Greenhouses & Garden Projects. Laser-focused on building greenhouses for the home gardener, it's the most complete title on DIY greenhouses you'll find anywhere. Featuring full-color step-by-step photos and comprehensive how-to instructions, the book features full plans for structures that are designed to extend the gardening season. From ornate, Victorian style greenhouses to basic cold frames, you're sure to find a project that meets your needs and fits your space. In this new edition, you'll find several new plans to expand the range of options, including a geodesic-dome greenhouse, a custom greenhouse with a fieldstone foundation, more kit greenhouses, and even a super-efficient greenhouse built completely form upcycled building materials- the greenest greenhouse you'll find! BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses gives an updated look at new materials and products, along with tips for siting and orienting, helps you make good design choices. Complete sections on heaters, ventilation and watering systems show you how to set up and operate your greenhouse for maximum benefit. Building a greenhouse, even a relatively complex "stick-built" style is a surprisingly easy DIY project and one that is sure to delight any gardener in your family.

Cover Art
Constructed Ecologies - Margaret Grose, London, [England]; New York, New York: Routledge, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB472 .G767 2017eb
ISBN: 9781138890213
Today, designers are shifting the practice of landscape architecture towards the need for a more complex understanding of ecological science. Constructed Ecologiespresents ecology as critical theory for design, and provides major ideas for design that are supported with solid and imaginative science. In the questioning narrative of Constructed Ecologies, the author discards many old and tired theories in landscape architecture. With detailed documentation, she casts off the savannah theory, critiques the search for universals, reveals the needed role of designers in large-scale agriculture, abandons the overlay technique of McHarg, and introduces the ecological and urban health urgency of public night lighting. Margaret Grose presents wide-ranging new approaches and shows the importance of learning from science for design, of going beyond assumptions, of working in multiple rather than single issues, of disrupting linear design thinking, and of dealing with data. This book is written with a clear voice by an ecologist and landscape architect who has led design students into loving ecological science for the support it gives design.

Cover Art
Cutting Back - Leslie Buck, Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB458 .B835 2017eb
ISBN: 9781604697933
"An unusual and entertaining memoir." --New York Times Book Review At thirty-five, Leslie Buck made an impulsive decision to put her personal life on hold to pursue her passion. Leaving behind a full life of friends, love, and professional security, she became the first American woman to learn pruning from one of the most storied landscaping companies in Kyoto. Cutting Back recounts Buck's bold journey and the revelations she has along the way. During her apprenticeship in Japan, she learns that the best Kyoto gardens look so natural they appear untouched by human hands, even though her crew spends hours meticulously cleaning every pebble in the streams. She is taught how to bring nature's essence into a garden scene, how to design with native plants, and how to subtly direct a visitor through a landscape. But she learns the most important lessons from her fellow gardeners: how to balance strength with grace, seriousness with humor, and technique with heart.

Cover Art
Design Readiness for Landscape Architects - Leslie Smith, Oxfordshire, [England]; New York, New York: Routledge, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB469.6 .S658 2017eb
ISBN: 9781138796157
Demands on landscape architecture students#65533; time are many and varied #65533; when is there a chance to just sketch, and is it worth dedicating your time to the pursuit of drawing? This book shows how in short bursts you can build up your design skills using quick, relaxed sketches, which form the basis for full projects and studio work. This book will provide you with your own image library #65533; sources of inspiration, guidance, and short-cuts to future designs. A variety of paths leading to design discovery, based upon experimental sketching methods, are discussed, demonstrated, and then put into action with valuable exercises. These exercises focus your sketching, giving hints and tips on what to look for, how to capture the essence of the object or location, and how to become a natural in the art of speedy visual communication. Real-life examples of the author#65533;s built-works as a landscape architect show how professionals use these techniques in their own design creations. Design Readiness for Landscape Architects presents enjoyable and thought-stirring essays and drawing-based exercises to help students grow more facile and agile in their service as architects of the land, whether using tablets, paints, or pens and pencils.#65533;

Cover Art
Dynamic Patterns - Karen M'Closkey; Keith Vandersys, London, [England]; New York, New York: Routledge, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB475.9.D37 .M356 2017eb
ISBN: 9780415711326
Dynamic Patterns explores the role of patterns in designed landscapes. Patterns are inherently relational, and the search for and the creation of patterns are endemic to many scientific and artistic endeavors. Recent advances in optical tools, sensors, and computing have expanded our understanding of patterns as a link between natural and cultural realms. Looking beyond the surface manifestation of pattern, M'Closkey and VanDerSys delve into a multifaceted examination that explores new avenues for engagement with patterns using digital media. Examining the theoretical implications of pattern-making, they probe the potential of patterns to conjoin landscape's utilitarian and aesthetic functions. With full color throughout and over one hundred and twenty images, Dynamic Patterns utilizes work from a wide range of artists and designers to demonstrate how novel modes of visualization have facilitated new ways of seeing patterns and therefore of understanding and designing landscapes.

Beer - Gavin D. Smith, London, England : Reaktion Books, 2014.
Call Number: eb TP577 .S658 2014eb
ISBN: 9781780232607
Pilsners, blonde ales, India pale ales, lagers, porters, stouts: the varieties and styles of beer are endless. But as diverse as the drink is, its appeal is universal--beer is the most-consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. From ballparks to restaurants, bars to brewpubs, this multihued beverage has made itself a dietary staple around the globe. Celebrating the heritage of these popular libations in this entertaining tome, Gavin D. Smith traces beer from its earliest days to its contemporary consumption.   While exploring the evolution of brewing technology and how it mirrors technological changes on a wider economic scale, Smith travels from Mexico to Milwaukee, Beijing, Bruges, and beyond to give a legion of beer brands their due. He then delves into the growth of beer-drinking culture and food-beer pairings and provides information on beer-related museums, festivals, publications, and websites. He also provides a selection of recipes that will be enhanced with the downing of a glass or two of the amber nectar. Containing a wealth of detail in its concise, wonderfully illustrated pages, Beer will appeal to connoisseurs and casual fans alike.

Cover Art
The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Garden - Sally Roth, Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB473 .R684 2017eb
ISBN: 9781604696745
A fresh approach and simple way to transform your yard!   The prospect of revamping a yard is daunting. Where do you start? How do all the various areas come together in a beautiful, cohesive way? The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Garden simplifies the process by showing you how to spend fewer hours (and a minimal amount of money) in the garden by tackling one small area at a time. You'll find garden plans for ten unique areas--the entryway, the shady areas under trees, and more--that can be linked together over time to create a unified yard, and plants that are dependable, easy to find, and look good year after year. You'll also learn the basics of good design, which plants offer the most bloom for your buck, and how to avoid the most common planting mistakes.

Cover Art
Being with Flowers - Anthony Ward, Beverly, Massachusetts : Quarry Books, 2017.
Call Number: eb SB449 .W373 2017eb
ISBN: 9781631591358
Learn to become one with nature and create beautiful flower arrangements with Being with Flowers. Floral arrangements are so much more than a decoration. They provide a way to connect to nature and the world around us. Master floral sculptor, Anthony Ward, shows you how to work with flowers to bring more peace into your life. Including creative exercises, guided meditations, and step-by-step flower arrangements, Being with Flowers will show you how to appreciate the natural art of each flower to create the perfect arrangement.

Cover Art
The Biochar Debate - James Bruges, Devon : Green Books for the Schumacher Society, 2009.
Call Number: eb S663 .B78 2009eb
ISBN: 9781900322676
Charcoal-making is one of the oldest industrial technologies, and in the last decade there has been a growing wave of excitement about its potential for combating climate change. This is because burying biochar (fine-grained charcoal) is a highly effective way to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In addition it can increase the yield of food crops and the ability of soil to retain moisture. Some people are concerned that awarding carbon credits for biochar could have seriously damaging outcomes. The Biochar Debate agrees, but describes an alternative approach, called the Carbon Maintenance Fund (CMF), that avoids the dangers. This would give every government the incentive to enable businesses, farmers and individuals to increase their country's carbon pool. It is based on remote sensing by satellite, a tried and tested technology, and would be applied globally each year to measure the increase or decrease of carbon in plants, soil and roots. The Biochar Debate sets out experimental and scientific aspects of biochar in the context of global warming, the global economy and negotiations for the future of the Kyoto Protocol. It concludes by encouraging all gardeners and farmers to use biochar to help prevent climate change.

Cover Art
Botanical Drawing Using Graphite and Coloured Pencils - Sue Vize, Ramsbury, [England] : The Crowood Press, 2016.
Call Number: eb QK98.24 .V594 2016eb
ISBN: 9781785001598
Drawing with graphite and colored pencils enables the artist to capture every detail of a plant, and to enjoy, study, and celebrate their wonderful forms. Whether the illustration is a striking monotone or vibrant with color, pencils give you absolute precision. The book, written and illustrated by an award-winning botanical artist, introduces and explains the drawing skills behind the art. Each chapter concentrates on a different aspect of the plant, working upwards from the root system to include the stem, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Fungi have also been included due to their close association with plants. With tips and advice throughout, the techniques are supported by step-by-step projects, clear exercises, and more than 300 color illustrations.

Cover Art
Botany - James D. Mauseth, Burlington, Massachusetts : Jones & Bartlett Learning, [2017]
Call Number: eb QK47 .M38 2017eb
ISBN: 9781284077537
Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology continues to set the standard for the fundamentals of plant science. No botany text better connects structure to function and does so with higher quality art and imagery. Combining strong scientific grounding with an approachable writing style, Botany teaches and engages. The essentials to a foundational understanding of plant science are all there, including structure, genetics and evolution, physiology and development, and ecology. Now in a modernized sixth edition, the text continues to lead with the latest material on molecular biology, plant biotechnology, and the most recent coverage of taxonomy and phylogeny of plants to keep students on the forefront of cutting-edge botanical research. Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, Sixth Edition is the clear choice for students digging into this exciting science.

Cactuses of Big Bend National Park - Douglas B. Evans; Doris Evans (Photographer); Ro Wauer (Photographer), Austin, Texas : University of Texas Press, 1998.
Call Number: eb QK495 .C11 .E95 1998eb
ISBN: 9780292720985
When the cactuses bloom in Big Bend National Park, their vivid pinks and purples, reds and yellows bring an unforgettable beauty to the rugged Chihuahuan Desert landscape. In fact, many people visit the park just see the cactus blossoms and the wildflowers. If you're one of them, this book will increase your enjoyment by helping you identify the wonders at your feet. And if you've never been to Big Bend when the cactuses are blooming, you'll discover here what you've been missing. Douglas B. Evans describes twelve kinds of cactus--living rock, topflower, stout-spined, hedgehog, pineapple, button, barrel, fishhook, nipple, chollas and pricklypears, and Texas nipple--and their individual species known to occur in the park. Color photographs taken by Doris Evans and Ro Wauer accompany the species descriptions. As you hike or drive through the park, you can identify most of the cactuses you see simply by leafing through these splendid pictures and then checking the descriptions, which indicate thecactuses' characteristic features and habitat. To make the book even more useful, Evans also briefly defines the parts of a cactus, explains how scientific names work, and offers a quick introduction to the geography and ecology of Big Bend National Park and the Chihuahuan Desert. With this information, you'll enjoy not only seeing the cactuses of the Big Bend but also being able to tell one from another and knowing just what makes each one special.

Cover Art
El Calendario Del Jardinero - Fausta Mainardi Fazio, Barcelona, [Spain] : De Vecchi Ediciones, 2012.
Call Number: eb SB453 .F395 2012eb
ISBN: 9788431554460
Un jardin frondoso, una terraza cubierta de verde o un balcon florido son el resultado de una conjuncion maravillosa entre las misteriosas energias de los vegetales, los ciclos estacionales y el cuidado del aficionado a la jardineria. Plantar, podar, abonar, aplicar tratamientos antiparasitarios... El secreto esta; en hacer estas tareas en el momento justo. Con ayuda de esta guia, aunque no sea un experto, podre; sentirse muy satisfecho de su pequeno rincon de naturaleza. Los cuidados especificos para mantener en perfecta forma los rosales, las hortensias, los arbustos, los arboles... Todos los consejos y trucos de una gran experta para llevar a cabo las tareas de jardineria sin cometer errores.

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    E-Books on Drought Tolerant Gardening and Water Conservation

    Cover Art
    The Bold Dry Garden - Johanna Silver; Marion Brenner (Photographer), Portland, Oregon: Timber Press, 2016.
    ISBN: 9781604697728
    A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2016 Ruth Bancroft is a dry gardening pioneer. Her lifelong love of plants led to the creation of one of the most acclaimed public gardens, The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California. The Bold Dry Garden offers unparalleled access to the garden and the extraordinary woman responsible for it. In its stunningly photographed pages, you'll discover the history of the garden and the design principles and plant palette that make it unique. Packed with growing and maintenance tips, profiles of signature plants for a dry garden, and innovative design techniques, The Bold Dry Garden has everything you need to create a garden that is lush, waterwise, and welcoming.

    Cover Art
    The Desert Gardener's Calendar. - George Brookbank; Brookbank, Tucson, [Arizona] : The University of Arizona Press, 1999.
    Call Number: eb SB453.2.S67 .B66 1999eb
    ISBN: 9780816518944
    What's the best time to plant or prune? When should you fertilize fruit trees? What's the earliest date to set out tomato plants? Gardeners in the desert Southwest can't rely on books that try to cover the whole country. Summer heat, less rain, and shorter, unreliable growing seasons are important factors in the desert. That's why The Desert Gardener's Calendar can be essential to gardening success. Whether you're raising vegetables, nursing citrus trees, or just trying to keep your front yard looking its best, you'll find that this handy book gives you a valuable month-by-month perspective on the year. It helps you to focus on necessary activities and reminds you of simple tasks you might overlook.It's especially valuable for people who've moved to the desert regions from other parts of the country and follow old gardening dates that seldom apply to their new home. The Desert Gardener's Calendar is a guide to the maintenance you need to do to keep your garden flourishing and your landscape attractive throughout the year. It combines the month-by-month gardening and landscaping activities from two separate books by George Brookbank--Desert Gardening, Fruits and Vegetables and Desert Landscaping--and was created in response to readers who have found the calendar sections of those books especially invaluable. And because not all deserts are the same, Brookbank is careful to point out differences in scheduling encountered by gardeners in low- and middle-elevation regions in California and the Southwest. "I believe," says the author, "that if you use this calendar and let your judgment become more accurate with experience, you'll soon be doing everything right." Although that might suggest a day when you don't need this book, chances are good that, if you're a desert gardener, right now you do.

    Cover Art
    Water Reuse for Irrigation - Lazarova Valentina Staff; Valentina Lazarova (Editor); Akica Bahri (Editor)
    ISBN: 9780203499405
    Publication Date: 2004-12-28
    This compilation provides guidelines that facilitate the successful planning and operation of water reuse projects. Offering the information, analysis, and proven experience for agricultural and landscape irrigation, it bridges the gap between fundamental science and relatively uncharted areas of economic, institutional, and liability issues. It delivers a synthesis of information recently emerging in both science and in the practice of irrigation with reclaimed water. The book compiles guidelines, recommendations, and codes of best practices from around the world for all types of recycled water uses, and it examines recent concerns about adverse effects on plants, groundwater, and public health.

    Cover Art
    Desert Landscaping - George Brookbank, Tucson, [Arizona] : The University of Arizona Press, 1992, ©1992
    Call Number: eb SB427.5 .B76 1992eb
    ISBN: 9780816512010
    George Brookbank has distilled nearly twenty years' experience--as an extension agent in urban horticulture with the University of Arizona--into a practical book that tells how to avoid problems with desert landscaping before they occur and how to correct those that do. In the first part, "How to Start and Maintain a Desert Landscape," he provides 28 easy-to-use chapters that address concerns ranging from how to start a wildflower garden to how to cope with Texas root rot. In Part Two, "A Month-By-Month Maintenance Guide," he offers a handy almanac that tells what to do and what to watch out for each month of the year, with cross-references to the chapters in Part One. Homeowners who maintain their own landscape will find in this book ways to make the work more satisfying and productive, while those who hire landscape contractors can make sure the work is done effectively and economically. "You'll find all kinds of books on desert landscape design and materials, irrigation system and design, and landscape installation," says Brookbank. "So far as I know, however, this is the only book that tells you what to do with what you've got and how to keep it growing." CONTENTS Part 1 - How to Start and Maintain a Desert Landscape 1. Desert Conditions: How They Are "Different" 2. Plants Are Like People: They're Not Alike 3. Use Arid-Land Plants to Save Water 4. How to Irrigate in the Desert 5. How to Design and Install a Drip Irrigation System 6. Soils and Their Improvement I: How to Plant in the Desert 7. Soils and Their Improvement II: How to Use Fertilizers 8. What to Do When Things Go Wrong: A Troubleshooter's Guide 9. How to Avoid--and Repair--Frost Damage 10. How to Control "Weeds" 11. Palo Verde Borer Beetle: What to Do 12. How to Avoid Texas Root Rot 13. When You Move Into an Empty House 14. What to Do About Roots in Drains 15. How to Dig Up Plants and Move Them 16. How to Have Flower Bed Color All Year 17. Landscape Gardening with Containers 18. Starting Wildflowers 19. Starting a Lawn 20. Making and Keeping a Good Hedge 21. Pruning Trees and Shrubs 22. Palm Tree Care 23. Caring for Saguaros, Ocotillos, Avages, and Prickly Pears 24. Roses in the Desert: Hard Work and Some Disappointments 25. Landscaping with Citrus 26. Swimming Pools: Plants, Play, and Water-Saving 27. Landscape Maintenance While You're Away 28. Condominiums: Common Grounds, Common Problems Part 2 - A Month-by-Month Maintenance Guide

    Cover Art
    How to Mulch - Stu Campbell
    ISBN: 9781612124452
    Publication Date: 2015-12-30
    Mulching makes your garden and yard much easier to care for, helping to retain moisture, keep weeds in check, and protect young plants. This concise guide shows you exactly how to mulch for any situation, covering sheet mulching, feeding mulches, and living mulches for use in the yard, garden, and home landscape. It even includes a quick-reference chart of mulch types and a section on mulching for success with specific vegetables.    

    Cover Art
    Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies - Owen E. Dell
    ISBN: 9780470480588
    Publication Date: 2009-02-10
    Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies provides hands-on, how-to instruction for realizing the benefits of a sustainable landscape, from selecting sutainable hardscape materials to installing a rain-water catchment system to choosing native plants.

    Cover Art
    The Conscientious Gardener - Sarah Hayden Reichard; Peter Raven (Foreword by); Sarah Reichard
    ISBN: 9780520947283
    Publication Date: 2011-01-19
    In his influential A Sand County Almanac, published at the beginning of the environmental movement in 1949, Aldo Leopold proposed a new ecological ethic to guide our stewardship of the planet. In this inspiring book, Sarah Hayden Reichard tells how we can bring Leopold's far-reaching vision to our gardens to make them more sustainable, lively, and healthy places. Today, gardening practices too often damage the environment: we deplete resources in our own soil while mining for soil amendments in far away places, or use water and pesticides in ways that can pollute lakes and rivers. Drawing from cutting edge research on urban horticulture, Reichard explores the many benefits of sustainable gardening and gives straightforward, practical advice on topics such as pest control, water conservation, living with native animals, mulching, and invasive species. The book includes a scorecard that allows readers to quickly evaluate the sustainability of their current practices, as well as an extensive list of garden plants that are invasive, what they do, and where they should be avoided.

    Cover Art
    Eco-Yards - Laureen Rama
    ISBN: 9781550924664
    Publication Date: 2011-02-08
    Sick of the backyard battle? Using simple steps presented in clear, easy-to-follow language, Eco-yards shows you how environmentally sound practices can restore the natural ecosystem and turn your yard into an eco-friendly sanctuary.

    Cover Art
    The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener - Tammi Hartung
    ISBN: 9781603428651
    Publication Date: 2013-12-31
    This one-of-a-kind book shows you how to create a peaceful co-existence between your vegetable garden and the wildlife who consider it part of their habitat. By understanding and working with the surrounding environment - instead of continually fighting it - you'll reap a larger harvest with much less stress and effort. Tammi Hartung explains how to start with a hardy and healthy garden, create beneficial relationships through smart planting, attract helpful insects and pollinators, intentionally create habitats for wildlife, and much more.

    Cover Art
    Mulch It! - Stu Campbell
    ISBN: 9781603422086
    Publication Date: 2012-05-04
    Weeding. Watering. Soil improvement. Frost and heat protection. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these gardening and landscaping chores could be simplified with one easy method? They can! This book is a reader's guide to the gardener's secret weapon for healthy, carefree and beautiful gardens and landscapes - mulch. Advice on every kind of mulch and on how to use mulches on everything from landscape plantings to vegetable gardens makes this the one book that gives readers everything they need to know to use mulch most effectively.

    Cover Art
    Landscaping on the New Frontier - Susan E. Meyer; Roger K. Kjelgren; Darrel G. Morrison; Bettina Schultz; William A. Varga
    ISBN: 9780874217100
    Publication Date: 2009-04-01
    A practical volume for the home or business owner on landscaping with native, drought-tolerant plants in the Rocky Mountain West. Filled with color illustrations, photos, and design sketches, over 100 native species are described, while practical tips on landscape design, water-wise irrigation, and keeping down the weeds are provided. In this book you will learn how to use natural landscapes to inspire your own designed landscape around your business or home and yard. Included are design principles, practical ideas, and strong examples of what some homeowners have already done to convert traditional "bluegrass" landscapes into ones that are more expressive of theWest. Landscaping on the new Frontier also offers an approach to irrigation that minimizes the use of supplemental water yet ensures the survival of plants during unusually dry periods. You will learn how to combine ecological principles with design principles to create beautiful home landscapes that require only minimal resources to maintain.

    The Desert Garden - Irina Springuel
    ISBN: 9781936190010
    Publication Date: 2006-01-01

    Cover Art
    Creating Your Eco-friendly Garden - Mary Horsfall
    ISBN: 9780643096202
    Publication Date: 2008-01-01
    How to develop an environmentally friendly garden for little cost.

    Cover Art
    The New Ornamental Garden - Simon Rickard
    ISBN: 9780643101760
    Publication Date: 2011-01-01
    A practical, fresh look at garden-worthy plants for Australian conditions.

    Cover Art
    Hellstrip Gardening - Evelyn Hadden; Joshua McCullough (Photographer)
    ISBN: 9781604696103
    Publication Date: 2014-04-22
    The hellstrip--the space between a street and a public sidewalk, also known as a tree park, boulevard, meridian, and planting strip--is finally getting the attention it deserves! Gardeners everywhere are taking advantage of the space as an environmentally friendly way to add curb appeal to their homes, expand the size of their gardens, and conserve resources. Hellstrip Gardening by Evelyn Hadden, the author of the acclaimed Beautiful No-Mow Yards, is the first book to show you exactly how to reclaim this oft-ignored space. This comprehensive guide covers how to determine the city and Home Owner's Association rules governing the area, how to choose plants that thrive in tough situations, how to design pathways for accessibility, and much more. Gorgeous color photographs of hellstrip gardens across the country offer inspiration and visual guidance to anyone ready to tackle this final frontier. With Hellstrip Gardening in hand, you can finally create the paradise you want in the most unexpected of places!

    Cover Art
    Agaves - Greg Starr
    ISBN: 9781604694000
    Publication Date: 2013-06-27
    Gardeners and garden designers are having a love affair with agaves. It's easy to see why—they're low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and strikingly sculptural, with an astounding range of form and color. Many species are strikingly variegated, and some have contrasting ornamental spines on the edges of their leaves. Fabulous for container gardening or in-the-ground culture, they combine versatility with easy growability. In Agaves, plant expert Greg Starr profiles 75 species, with additional cultivars and hybrids, best suited to gardens and landscapes. Each plant entry includes a detailed description of the plant, along with its cultural requirements, including hardiness, sun exposure, water needs, soil requirements, and methods of propagation. Agaves can change dramatically as they age and this comprehensive guide includes photos showing each species from youth to maturity—a valuable feature unique to this book.

    Cover Art
    Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens - Lauren Springer Ogden; Scott Ogden
    ISBN: 9781604693362
    Publication Date: 2011-11-03
    In recent years, gardeners have faced increased water-use restrictions, and it's not limited to dry-climate areas like the Southwest. There are restrictions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. And even for gardeners with no water restrictions, low-water plants are key to a sustainable garden. Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens is a practical guide to the best 200 plants guaranteed to thrive in low-water gardens. Plant entries provide the common and botanical name, the regions where the plant is best adapted, growth and care information, and notes on pests and disease. This practical and inspiring guide includes a variety of plants, from trees to succulents, perennials to bulbs, all selected for their wide adaptability and ornamental value. Companion plants, creative design ideas, and full color photography round out the text.

    Cover Art
    High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening - Alice Bowe
    ISBN: 9781604693119
    Publication Date: 2011-04-25
    The environmental benefits of gardens are well-known: trees and plants capture carbon emissions, help to moderate the urban climate, promote health and well being, and help reduce energy consumption. But some garden practices are downright damaging, like using leaf blowers and other power tools, installing impermeable paving, and choosing plants that require excessive water or artificial fertilizers. High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening is a one-stop reference for making a garden more green. From simple actions like composting household waste, installing a water barrel, or eliminating pesticides to more long-term investments like choosing permeable, locally sourced paving, and planting the most water-wise plants, there are hundreds of large and small choices home gardeners can make to reduce the environmental impact of designing, planting, and tending a garden. High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening goes beyond organics and compost and gives serious gardeners all the information they need to make their garden truly green.

    Cover Art
    Covering Ground - Barbara W. Ellis
    ISBN: 9781612122168
    Publication Date: 2012-11-09
    Looking for an alternative to a traditional lawn? Covering Ground explores hundreds of wonderful possibilities. Flowering plants, herbs, mosses, ground-hugging shrubs, and heathers, planted singly or in creative combinations, can add interest, elegance, and drama to otherwise dull and ordinary areas. And hardscape options, such as bluestone, crushed gravel, brick, or shredded bark mulch, can create pathways and define borders. You'll be inspired by these low-maintenance, creative ideas, and Barbara Ellis includes all of the information you need to successfully select, plant, and care for the ground covers that you choose.

    Cover Art
    Modern and Traditional Irrigation Technologies in the Eastern Mediterranean - Ozay Mehmet; Hasan Ali Bic¸ak
    ISBN: 9781552503041
    Publication Date: 2002-01-01
    A water crisis is threatening several regions of the world. In the Middle East and North Africa, the crisis is serious and getting worse. Contributing factors include mismanagement of water resources, population trends and explosive urban growth, structural imbalance between demand and available resources, and a dearth of water-related information. This book presents an analysis of irrigation technologies used in the Eastern Mediterranean region, both past and present. It discusses the reuse of wastewater and other conservation technologies through case studies from Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, North Cyprus, and Turkey. It presents a multidisciplinary view of the water crisis, with discussion in the disciplines of economics, hydrology, agronomics, engineering, and environmental sciences. As a sequel to Water Balances in the Eastern Mediterranean, this book will be of interest to policymakers, researchers, academics, and development professionals working in the areas of water management and Middle Eastern studies.

    Cover Art
    Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape - Geoff Connellan
    ISBN: 9780643106888
    Publication Date: 2013-01-01
    Covers all aspects of water management in irrigated urban open space areas and how to achieve high water use efficiency.

    Cover Art
    Turfgrass and Landscape Irrigation Water Quality - R. R. Duncan; Robert N. Carrow; Michael T. Huck; Ronny R. Duncan
    ISBN: 9781420081947
    Publication Date: 2008-12-17
    With the increased use of alternative irrigation water sources on turfgrass and landscape sites, their management is becoming more complex and whole ecosystems-oriented. Yet few turfgrass managers have received formal training in the intricacies of irrigation water. Turfgrass and Landscape Irrigation Water Quality: Assessment and Managementprovides a comprehensive, science-based review of irrigation water quality. The book examines field problems in a logical manner, provides clear scientific explanations, and offers detailed practical information for resolving each specific problem in an environmentally sustainable manner. Divided into four parts, the book begins with an overview of the assessment of irrigation water. It discusses factors that affect the quality of water, assists readers in understanding irrigation water quality tests, and examines field monitoring. The second part focuses on explaining scientific irrigation water quality situations or challenges associated with various water sources, including saline, seawater, and reclaimed irrigation water, as well as stormwater reuse. The next section explores management options for site-specific problems. The authors discuss irrigation system design when confronted with poor quality water, salt leaching, water acidification, and turfgrass nutritional considerations, and discusses lake, pond, and stream management and other water issues. Lastly, the text addresses potential environmental concerns related to irrigation water sources on the watershed/landscape level. The book contains several case studies which further clarify the material and provides a comprehensive appendix list of landscape plants and their relative salinity tolerances. The diversity and nature of various water quality related challenges are quite daunting, even for the most seasoned professional. This volume provides a foundation for understanding the complexities of water quality that is certain to lead to science-based management decisions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable for years to come.

    Cover Art
    Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West - Heidi A. Kratsch; Heidi Kratsch (Editor)
    ISBN: 9780874217902
    Publication Date: 2011-04-01
    This working manual provides complete information on the technical aspects of designing, building, and maintaining waterwise landscapes in the Mountain West. Written particularly for professionals, including landscape designers, architects, contractors, and maintenance and irrigation specialists, it has an attractive, well-illustrated, user-friendly format that will make it useful as well to DIY homeowners and to educators, plant retailers, extension agents, and many others. The manual is organized according to landscape principles that are adapted to the climate of the intermountain region. Beginning with planning and design, the topical principles proceed through soil preparation, appropriate plant selection, practicalities of turfgrass, use of mulch, and irrigation planning, winding up with landscape maintenance. Designed for onsite, handy use, the book is illustrated with color images of landscapes, plants, and materials. Tables, charts, diagrams, landscape plans, plant lists, checklists, and other graphic resources are scattered throughout the manual, which is written in an accessible but information-rich style. Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West answers, more comprehensively than any other single book, the need for professional information that addresses both growing awareness of the necessity for water conservation and the desire for beautiful, healthy yards and properties.

    Cover Art
    Gardening with a Wild Heart - Judith Larner Lowry, Berkeley : University of California Press, [1999]
    Call Number: eb SB439.24.C2 L68 1999eb
    ISBN: 9780520933873
    Judith Lowry's voice and experiences make a rich matrix for essays that include discussions of wildflower gardening, the ecology of native grasses, wildland seed-collecting, principles of natural design, and plant/animal interactions. This lyrical and articulate mix of the practical and the poetic combines personal story, wildland ecology, restoration gardening practices, and native plant horticulture.


    More New E-Books!

    Cover Art
    A Wildlife Guide to Chile - Sharon Chester, Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2008.
    Call Number: eb QL243 .C44 2008eb
    ISBN: 9780691129754
    This is the first comprehensive English-language field guide to the wildlife of Chile and its territories--Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan Fernández, and San Félix y San Ambrosio. From bats to butterflies, lizards to llamas, and ferns to flamingos, A Wildlife Guide to Chile covers the country's common plants and animals. The color plates depict species in their natural environments with unmatched vividness and realism. The combination of detailed illustrations and engaging, succinct, and authoritative text make field identification quick, easy, and accurate. Maps, charts, and diagrams provide information about landforms, submarine topography, marine environment, climate, vegetation zones, and the best places to view wildlife. This is an essential guide to Chile's remarkable biodiversity. The only comprehensive English-language guide to Chile's common flora and fauna The first guide to cover Chile and its territories--Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan Fernández, and San Félix y San Ambrosio 120 full-color plates allow quick identification of more than 800 species Accompanying text describes species size, shape, color, habitat, and range Descriptions list size, distribution, and English, Spanish, and scientific names Information on the best spots to view wildlife, including major national parks Compact and lightweight--a perfect field guide

    Cover Art
    The Well-Tended Perennial Garden - Tracy DiSabato-Aust, Portland, Oregon: Timber Press, 2017.
    Call Number: eb SB434 .D573 2017eb
    ISBN: 9781604697070
    "This practical guide is lush with clear, step-by-step advice." --Real Simple Since its original publication nearly thirty years ago, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden has helped home gardeners successfully plan, plant, and tend their gardens. Now Tracy Di-Sabato-Aust's trusty advice and reassuring tone are back and better than ever in this completely revised new edition. Novice and experienced gardeners alike will benefit from Tracy's thorough details on the essential practices of perennial care--included deadheading, pinching, and thinning--along with growing information for new species and cultivars, on-trend garden design advice, a monthly planting and maintenance schedule, and details on native plants and gardening for wildlife. The Well-Tended Perennial Garden is a must-have ally in the quest for a beautiful, well-maintained garden. 

    Cover Art
    Urban Horticulture - J. Blum (Editor), Oakville, Ontario ; Waretown, New Jersey : Apple Academic Press, 2016.
    Call Number: eb SB453 .U733 2016eb
    ISBN: 9781771884235
    This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. Urban horticulture, referring to the study and cultivation of the relationship between plants and the urban environment, is gaining more attention as the world rapidly urbanizes and cities expand. While plants have been grown in urban areas for millennia, it is now recognized that they not only provide food, ornament, and recreation, but also supply invaluable ecological services that help mitigate potentially negative impacts of urban ecosystems, and thus increase the livability of cities. This book provides background on key issues in this growing field.

    Cover Art
    Tell about Night Flowers - Julia Eichelberger (Editor), Jackson, MI: University Press of Mississippi, 2013.
    Call Number: eb PS3545 .E6 Z48eb
    ISBN: 9781617031878
    Tell about Night Flowers presents previously unpublished letters by Eudora Welty, selected and annotated by scholar Julia Eichelberger. Welty published many of her best-known works in the 1940s: A Curtain of Green, The Wide Net, The Robber Bridegroom, Delta Wedding, and The Golden Apples. During this period, she also wrote hundreds of letters to two friends who shared her love of gardening. One friend, Diarmuid Russell, was her literary agent in New York; the other, John Robinson, was a high school classmate and an aspiring writer who served in the Army in WWII, and long the focus of Welty's affection. Welty's lyrical, witty, and poignant discussions of gardening and nature are delightful in themselves; they are also figurative expressions of Welty's views of her writing and her friendships. Taken together with thirty-five illustrations, they form a poetic narrative of their own, chronicling artistic and psychic developments that were underway before Welty was fully conscious of them. By 1949 her art, like her friendships, had evolved in ways that she would never have predicted in 1940. Tell about Night Flowers not only lets readers glimpse Welty in her garden; it also reveals a brilliant and generous mind responding to the public events, people, art, and natural landscapes Welty encountered at home and on her travels during the 1940s. This book enhances our understanding of the life, landscape, and art of a major American writer.

    Cover Art
    Sustainable Development of Organic Agriculture - Kimberly Etingoff (Editor), Oakville, Ontario : Apple Academic Press, 2017.
    Call Number: eb S605.5 .S878 2017eb
    ISBN: 9781771884839
    This important compilation presents an in-depth view spanning past values and practices, present understandings, and potential futures, and covering a range of concrete case studies on sustainable development of organic agriculture. The book explores the very different facets of organic and sustainable agriculture. Part I of this book delves into the ways that people have approached organic agriculture in sociological, scientific, and economic terms. Part II looks ahead to the future of organic agriculture, presenting opportunities for further progress. Part III consists of an extensive bibliography chronologically developing the progress of organic and sustainable agriculture over two thousand years. The book Studies the cultural dimension of organic consumption Presents how sustainable agriculture can reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change on crop production Looks at the impact of agriculture on both famine and rural poverty in an ecofriendly and socially inclusive manner Examines six of the oldest grain-crop-based organic comparison experiments in the US, looking at the environmental and economic outcomes from organic agroecosystems, to both producers and policymakers Reviews the role of experimentation and innovation in developing sustainable organic agriculture Looks at the challenges of organic farmers Discusses ways to ensure sustainability and resilience of farming Looks at ways to change the mindset of farmers especially in traditional farming communities Explores the development of organic and sustainable agriculture through more than 500 years, ending with the early twenty-first century. Altogether, the chapters provide a nuanced look at the development of organic and sustainable agriculture, with the conclusion that organic is not enough to be sustainable.

    Cover Art
    Sunflower Houses - Sharon Lovejoy, New York, New York : Workman Publishing, 2001.
    Call Number: eb SB457 .L684 2001eb
    ISBN: 9780761123866
    A magical book of adventures and appreciations written and illustrated by the author of Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots this award-winning title was published by a small press in Colorado in 1991. The reviews say it all: A fetching primer on gardening for children. . . . Irresistible (The Smithsonian). What child, or indeed adult, would not be delighted? Lovejoy's recollections are wonderful, as are the illustrations (Victoria). Celebrating the lore of the garden and the joy of interacting with nature, Sunflower Houses is a unique garden lover's miscellany, a collection of memories, poems, activities, garden plans, crafts, botanical riddles, stories, games, and planting projects. There are inspirations for a Floral Clock Garden, A Child's Own Rainbow, Faerie Tea Parties, and, of course, the Sunflower House. Plus, from garden lovers, stories of favorite flowers. Throughout are the artist's warm and appealing watercolors of a life in gardening remembered.

    Cover Art
    Square Foot Gardening: Growing Perfect Vegetables - Square Foot Gardening Foundation; Cool Springs Press (Editor); Mel Bartholomew Foundation Staff
    Call Number: eb SB175 .S683 2017eb
    ISBN: 9781591866831
    Another Terrific Title from the Folks Who Brought You Square Foot Gardening Square Foot Gardening is the most popular alternate gardening method in the world and this new title is a great addition to the SFG family. Growing Perfect Vegetables gets to the root of what every gardener wants: perfect produce, and lots of it. Whether you grow in a Square Foot Garden, a straw bale garden, containers or a traditional garden plot, you'll be happy to have this helpful garden book so you can approach harvest time with confidence, not apprehension. Because even the most experienced homegrowers get a little nervous when harvest time comes around.   Square Foot Gardening: Growing Perfect Vegetables helps you prepare for those moments of decision-making in your garden and at the market. Inside, you will find hundreds of beautiful photos that show you what produce should look like when it is perfectly ripe and ready for picking and buying. It even includes some tips and clues to help you interpret what your plants are trying to tell you about the fruit they are bearing. Written under the direction of The Me Bartholomew Foundation, named for the inventor of Square Foot Gardening, this handy book provides crucial information, including optimal planting and harvesting times for more than 60 fruits and vegetables, along with the many beautiful photos of perfect produce.

    Cover Art
    Sowing Beauty - James Hitchmough, Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2017.
    Call Number: eb SB439 .H583 2017eb
    ISBN: 9781604696325
    "A hopeful and expansive book for the gardener who sees a field as a canvas." --Publishers Weekly  James Hitchmough is well-regarded in the design world for his exuberant, colorful, and flower-filled meadows. His signature style can be seen in prominent places like London's Olympic Park and the Botanic Garden at the University of Oxford. Using a distinct technique of sowing meadows from seed, he creates plant communities that mimic the dramatic beauty of natural meadows and offer a succession of blooms over many months--a technique that can be adapted to work in both large-scale public gardens and smaller residential gardens. Sowing Beauty shows you how to recreate Hitchmough's masterful, romantic style. You'll will learn how to design and sow seed mixes that include a range of plants, both native and exotic, and how to maintain the sown spaces over time. Color photographs show not only the gorgeous finished gardens, but also all the steps along the way. 

    Cover Art
    Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots - Sharon Lovejoy, New York, New York : Workman Publishing, 1999.
    Call Number: eb SB457 .L684 1999eb
    ISBN: 9780761110569
    Plant a pumpkinseed with a child, and cultivate wonder. This simple act of reconnecting with children with nature is Sharon Lovejoy's purpose and joy and gift. Author of Sunflower Houses: Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages and Hollyhock Days: Garden Adventures for the Young at Heart, Sharon Lovejoy is a nationally known garden writer whose books, television specials, and projects at her learning landscape in California have introduced thousands of children to the pleasures of gardening. In her newest book, Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots, she presents 12 spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that parents and kids can grow together. Illustrated throughout by the author's own lyrical watercolors, each garden includes a plan, the planting recipe -- seeds, seedlings, and growing instructions spelled out step-by-step -- and activities. There's the Pizza Patch , a giant-size wheel garden planted in "slices" of tomatoes, zucchini, oregano, and basil. A Flowery Maze to get lost in. A Moon Garden of night-blooming flowers, including a moonflower tent. And Mother Nature's Medicine Chest. Discovery Walks teach kids how the gardens work, and a chapter on gardening basics includes a child-friendly 10-Minute Plan for planting and maintenance, plus a list of the top 20 plants guaranteed to make gardeners out of kids.

    Cover Art
    Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening - Fern Marshall Bradley (Editor); Barbara Ellis (Editor); Ellen Phillips (Editor), New York, New York : Rodale, 2009.
    Call Number: eb SB453.5 .R633 2009eb
    ISBN: 9781594869174
    Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has been the go-to resource for gardeners for more than 50 years - and the best tool novices can buy to start applying organic methods to their fruit and vegetable crops, herbs, trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals, and lawns. This thoroughly revised and updated version highlights new organic pest controls, new fertiliser products, improved gardening techniques, the latest organic soil practices, and new trends in garden design. In this indispensable work readers will find: - comprehensive coverage for the entire garden and landscape along with related entries such as Community Gardening, Edible Landscaping, Horticultural Therapy, Stonescaping, and more - a completely new section on earth-friendly techniques for gardening in a changing climate, covering wise water management, creating backyard habitats, managing invasive plants and insects, reducing energy use and recycling, and understanding biotechnology Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has everything anyone needs to create gorgeous, non-toxic gardens in any part of the country.

    Cover Art
    Rice - Francesca Bray (Editor); Peter A. Coclanis (Editor); Edda L. Fields-Black (Editor); Dagmar Schäfer (Editor), New York, New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
    Call Number: eb SB191 .R5 .R534 2015eb
    ISBN: 9781107044395
    Rice today is food to half the world's population. Its history is inextricably entangled with the emergence of colonialism, the global networks of industrial capitalism, and the modern world economy. The history of rice is currently a vital and innovative field of research attracting serious attention, but no attempt has yet been made to write a history of rice and its place in the rise of capitalism from a global and comparative perspective. Rice is a first step toward such a history. The fifteen chapters, written by specialists on Africa, the Americas, and Asia, are premised on the utility of a truly international approach to history. Each brings a new approach that unsettles prevailing narratives and suggests new connections. Together they cast new light on the significant roles of rice as crop, food, and commodity and shape historical trajectories and interregional linkages in Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

    Cover Art
    Rendering in SketchUp - Daniel Tal, Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2013.
    Call Number: eb NA2728 .T36 2013eb
    ISBN: 9780470642191
    The sure way for design professionals to learn SketchUp modeling and rendering techniques Rendering In SketchUp provides instructions for creating 3D photoreal graphics for SketchUp models using integrated rendering programs. The book serves as a beginner rendering manual and reference guide to further develop rendering skills. With an emphasis on step-by-step process, SketchUp users learn a universal approach to rendering varied SketchUp projects, including architecture, interiors, and site design models. The book focuses on tasks and principles at the core of photorealistic rendering, including: Rendering process: Learn a step-by-step process focused on workflow within SketchUp's familiar workspace. Universal method: Understand how the process can be used to work with a variety of different integrated rendering programs, including Shaderlight, SU Podium and Twilight Render**. These programs are easy to learn and function in SketchUp. > Textures and materials: Discover how to obtain, apply and edit texture images representing surfaces. Component details: Learn how to acquire and organize model details to allow for rich, expressive settings while maintaining computer and SketchUp performance. Exterior and simulated lighting: Learn to set exterior lighting with the SketchUp's Shadow menu or illuminate a scene with simulated lights, lamps, and bulbs. Render settings: Use specific settings for various rendering programs to quickly set texture character, image quality, and graphic output. Computer specifications: Find out how computers produce renders and the type of computer hardware required to streamline the process. Photoshop post-processing: Learn how to further refine rendered images in Photoshop. **Free online chapters: The book reviews specific settings for SketchUp and the rendering plug-in Shaderlight. Given the ever-changing nature of technology, free, online accompanying chapters detail settings for additional integrated rendering programs including SU Podium, Twilight Render, and more.  

    Cover Art
    Principles of Ecological Landscape Design - Travis Beck; Carol Franklin (Foreword by), Washington, DC : Island Press, c2013.
    Call Number: eb QH541.15.L35 B43 2013eb
    ISBN: 1597267015
    Today, there is a growing demand for designed landscapes—from public parks to backyards—to be not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. Sustainability means more than just saving energy and resources. It requires integrating the landscapes we design with ecological systems. With Principles of Ecological Landscape Design, Travis Beck gives professionals and students the first book to translate the science of ecology into design practice. This groundbreaking work explains key ecological concepts and their application to the design and management of sustainable landscapes. It covers biogeography and plant selection, assembling plant communities, competition and coexistence, designing ecosystems, materials cycling and soil ecology, plant-animal interactions, biodiversity and stability, disturbance and succession, landscape ecology, and global change. Beck draws on real world cases where professionals have put ecological principles to use in the built landscape. The demand for this information is rising as professional associations like the American Society of Landscape Architects adopt new sustainability guidelines (SITES). But the need goes beyond certifications and rules. For constructed landscapes to perform as we need them to, we must get their underlying ecology right. Principles of Ecological Landscape Design provides the tools to do just that. 

    Cover Art
    A Portable Latin for Gardeners - James Armitage, Chicago, Illinois : The University of Chicago Press, 2016.
    Call Number: eb QK10 .A765 2016eb
    ISBN: 9780226455365
    Having an understanding of botanical Latin unlocks an entirely new layer of the plant world. Gardeners deciding between a Crocus flavus and Crocus graveolens will know that one produces deep yellow flowers while the other boasts a prominent smell. They can tell whether a plant should have one (unifolius), two (diphyllus), or even nine leaves (enneaphyllus). And they can catch the nods to Sir Joseph Banks in Cordyline banksia and Queen Victoria in Agave victoriae-reginae. A Portable Latin for Gardeners is the perfect quick reference for working in the garden, shopping for plants, or doing botanical research--and no prior knowledge of Latin is required. The 1,500 terms are grouped by categories, making it easy to describe color, size, form, habitat, scent, taste, and time. Gardeners will make new connections and discoveries in a way standard alphabetical lists simply don't allow. Alternately, gardeners who want to look up a particular term can jump right into the alphabetical index. Each entry includes the different forms of the term, a basic pronunciation guide, the definition, and an example plant species. Rich botanical illustrations make this guide as beautiful as it is useful, while a durable flexi-bound cover means the book can withstand both days in the garden and evenings on the nightstand.

    Cover Art
    Poplars and Willows - Madeline V. Desmond, New York : Nova Publishers, 2016.
    Call Number: eb SD397 .P85 .P675 2016eb
    ISBN: 9781634840385
    Different species of the genus Populus, also known as poplars, are of great economic importance as major sources of timber, pulp and fiber. Salix species, or willows, have become very important sources of biomass for bioenergy. Both are characterised by their fast-growing trees, being asexually propagated, and having several species growing in riparian areas prone to flooding. This book studies the cultivation, applications and environmental benefits of poplars and willows. The first chapter begins with a review of the ecological importance and sustainable development of poplar forests in NE China and possible influences on soil properties. Chapter two reviews the properties and practical purposes of willows. Chapter three outlines an experimental project for growing, harvesting, and utilising willow trees in Japan. Chapter four studies the responses of poplars and willows during flooding. The last chapter examines the application of organic wastes from industry and municipalities at short-rotation willow and poplar plantations.

    Cover Art
    Polytunnels, Greenhouses and Protective Cropping - Thady Barrett, Ramsbury, Marlborough, [England]: The Crowood Press, 2016.
    Call Number: eb SB415 .B377 2016eb
    ISBN: 9781785001857
    This comprehensive book covers all aspects of protected horticulture. It discusses the appropriate setting for a greenhouse enterprise, and covers greenhouse design principles and commercial glasshouses. It also considers cladding materials, the development and use of polythene-clad tunnel structures, and greenhouse energy sources. The greenhouse environment, growing rooms, irrigation, composts, and other growing media are examined as well as plant nutrients, fertilizers, pest and disease control, nursery hygiene, and much more.

    Cover Art
    Picturing the Book of Nature - Sachiko Kusukawa, Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2011.
    Call Number: eb QH46.5 .K87 2011eb
    ISBN: 0226465292
    Because of their spectacular, naturalistic pictures of plants and the human body, Leonhart Fuchs's De historia stirpium and Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica are landmark publications in the history of the printed book. But as Picturing the Book of Nature makes clear, they do more than bear witness to the development of book publishing during the Renaissance and to the prominence attained by the fields of medical botany and anatomy in European medicine. Sachiko Kusukawa examines these texts, as well as Conrad Gessner's unpublished Historia plantarum, and demonstrates how their illustrations were integral to the emergence of a new type of argument during this period--a visual argument for the scientific study of nature.   To set the stage, Kusukawa begins with a survey of the technical, financial, artistic, and political conditions that governed the production of printed books during the Renaissance. It was during the first half of the sixteenth century that learned authors began using images in their research and writing, but because the technology was so new, there was a great deal of variety of thought--and often disagreement--about exactly what images could do: how they should be used, what degree of authority should be attributed to them, which graphic elements were bearers of that authority, and what sorts of truths images could and did encode. Kusukawa investigates the works of Fuchs, Gessner, and Vesalius in light of these debates, scrutinizing the scientists' treatment of illustrations and tracing their motivation for including them in their works. What results is a fascinating and original study of the visual dimension of scientific knowledge in the sixteenth century.  

    Cover Art
    Phylogeography of California - Kristina A. Schierenbeck, Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2014.
    Call Number: eb QH105 .C2 .S35 2014eb
    ISBN: 9780520278875
    Phylogeography of California examines the evolution of a variety of taxa--ancient and recent, native and migratory--to elucidate evolutionary events both major and minor that shaped the distribution, radiation, and speciation of the biota of California. The book also interprets evolutionary history in a geological context and reviews new and emerging phylogeographic patterns. Focusing on a region that is defined by physical and political boundaries, Kristina A. Schierenbeck provides a phylogeographic survey of California’s diverse flora and fauna according to their major organismal groups. Life history and ecological characteristics, which play prominent roles in the various outcomes for respective clades, are also considered throughout the work. Supporting scholars and researchers who study evolutionary diversification, the book analyzes research that helps assess one of the major challenges in phylogeographic studies: understanding changes in population structures shaped by geological and geographical processes. California is one of only twenty-five acknowledged biological hotspots worldwide, and the phylogeographic history of the state can be extrapolated to study other regions in western North America. Further consideration is given to implications for conservation, recommendations concerning the biogeographic provinces that roughly define the state of California, and predictions related to climate change.


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