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CBHL 2016 Annual Meeting: People, Places and Pages: Annual business meeting

May 24-28, 2016

Business Meeting

Business Meeting Times

Thursday, May 26:

10:45 to 12:45 Business meeting/bylaws/strategic plan

Friday, May 27:

12:45-2:30  Business Meeting

Tentative agenda

First Session : Thursday, May 26 10:45-12:45

Business Meeting Agenda

Welcome : 10:45-10:55

Welcome and Official Commencement  – President, Kathy Crosby

Board Introduction


Appoint a Parliamentarian

First Time Attendees Announcement

Approval of Minutes from 47th Annual Meeting in Decorah, printed in the September 2015 newsletter, n.138

Call for additions to the Agenda

Officer Reports : 10:55-11:30

Secretary – Stacy Stoldt

Treasurer – Bill Musser


Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee Report : 11:30-11:55 Donna Herendeen and John Reed (Kathy Crosby assisting)

Bylaws Amendments :  11:55-12:45

If ahead of schedule, we will start on Committee Reports at this time. 


Second  Session : Friday, May 27, 12:45-3:00/3:15

Business Meeting Agenda


Committee Reports : 12:45-2:15

Annual Literature Award Committee – Brian Thompson

Charles Robert Long Award of Merit – Kathy Allen

Electronic Communications Committee – Leora Siegel

Financial Advisory Committee – Betsy Kruthoffer [not attending, need substitute]

Founders Fund Travel Fellowship Award -  Kathy Crosby

Membership – Laura Soito and Nadine Phillips [not attending, need substitute]

Nominating Committee – Suzi Teghtmeyer

Preservation and Access Committee – Chuck Tancin

Public Relations – Robin Everly [not attending, need substitute]

Publications Committee – Larissa Glasser [not attending, need substitute]

Steering Committee – Susan Eubank

Future Annual Meetings : 2:15-2:30

2017 Andersen Horticultural Library – Kathy Allen

2018 50th Anniversary Meeting in New York with EBHL – Steve Sinon

2019 Desert Botanical Garden – Beth Brand

Unfinished Business : 2:30-2:40

Working Group Committee on Future Conferences  - Steve Sinon

Ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee – Donna Herendeen

New Business : 2:40-2:50

EBHL Presentation – Leora Siegel

Call for New Business

Announcements : 2:50-3:05

Announcment of the Long Award Winner


Closing of Annual Meeting : 3:05-3:15

Presentation to Annual Meeting Hosts

Recognition of Outgoing/Incoming Officers

Passing of Gavel

Vote for Adjournment