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CBHL 2016 Annual Meeting: People, Places and Pages: Pre-conf workshops / committee mtngs

May 24-28, 2016

Pre-conf workshops / committee mtgs

Pre-Conference Workshop:
Tuesday, May 24, Cleveland Botanical Garden (CBG)
10:00 - noon  Workshop: Basic Book Repair for Beginners on a Budget, presented by Ellie Strong and Sharlane Gublin

This 2-hour workshop will cover fast, easy and economical ways to “fix” common problems with damaged library materials so they can be safely circulated/used by patrons. It will focus on repairs that can be easily done by a beginner, and is intended for treating modern bound materials that are not rare or valuable. The class will cover tightening loose covers, mending paper tears, re-attaching texts that have come out of their covers, re-attaching loose pages, corner repair, case cleaning, and spine repair.  Attendees may bring in up to 3 books from their own collections to be evaluated for treatment. A small “book repair kit” will be given to each participant.

*The committee meeting schedule is subject to significant changes - please check periodically for updates. For those committees not mentioned, they are not needing to meet, or are conference calling, etc.

Time Woodland Room (one side)
Woodland Room (other side)
8:30-10:00am Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee
Publications Committee Membership
2:00 - 3:30
Annual Literature Award Committee Preservation & Access Committee
3:30 - 5:00 Electronic Communications Committee
5:00 - 6:00-30 Steering Committee