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Horticulture Library Consortium E-books: Frequently Asked Questions

Members of the Chicago Botanic Garden may borrow books online. Here's how to do it.


Are e-books in the Lenhardt Library online catalog?  No. 

How long is the borrowing period for e-books?  7 days.

How do I return an e-book?  The loan will expire after 7 days. You do not need to return it.

Can I renew an e-book?  No. The loan will expire after 7 days and then you may check it out again.

How many e-books can I borrow at one time?  Each CBG household can borrow 100 e-books at one time.

Can I put an e-book on hold?  No. 

Why is the book I wanted to download not available? Aren't electronic books always available?  Actually, just like print books, we decide how many copies to purchase. We may subscribe or purchase some titles with unlimited availability (one copy — many simultaneous readers) while for other titles the availability is limited to a single use (one copy — one reader). In some cases, the book may only be available from the publisher as a single use copy. We make it transparent to you: check the "Availability" section, on the Detail Page, or in the Book Details side panel (book icon in the side panel). You can see how many copies are available and if it is for Online reading or Download, or both.

I see a book that is "Available on request." What does that mean?  You may read such books for up to 5 minutes before you need to request further access from the consortium, at no cost to the consortium. To request a book, simply click on the title or Detail Page icon, and complete the short request form. The consortium will contact you with their decision.

What kind of e-books are available?  There are approximately 7,000 horticulture titles available, with a handful of new titles added each week.

What is ProQuest?  ProQuest is the name of the e-book company.

I joined the Chicago Botanic Garden today and I can’t access the e-books – what should I do?  New Chicago Botanic Garden membership numbers are added to the e-book system once every 2 weeks. Check back in 2 weeks.

This guide provided by CBHL