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Lenhardt Library of the Chicago Botanic Garden Digitized Collections: Early Works: Botany

The Rare Book Collection of the Lenhardt Library of the Chicago Botanic Garden offers a comprehensive perspective on five centuries of research in botany, botanical art, horticulture, agriculture, gardening, and landscape design.

Pre-Linnaean Botany: Iacobus Theodorus (1590)

Illustrations: Eicones plantarum ... (1590) pages 2 and 471

Pre-Linnaean Botany: Johann Theodor de Bry (1611)


Illustrations: Johann Theodor de Bry

Medical Botany: Timothy Sheldrake (1759?)

Illustration: Timothy Sheldrake [1759?]

Pre-Linnaean Botany: Theophrastus (1483), the oldest book in the Lenhardt Library's Rare Book Collection

Illustration: Theophrastus (1483)

Pre-Linnaean Botany: William Turner (1508-1568)

Illustration: William Turner (1568)

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