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CBHL LibGuides Homepage: CBHL Guides-Getting Started

LibGuides created and utilized by the members of the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc.

Statement on ownership and policy

The purpose of the CBHL provided LibGuides platform is to allow members to create websites that promote members’ libraries and resources, or that share information on horticultural, botanical, and allied subjects.

CBHL Members or their institutions may own the copyright to content published in the CBHL LibGuides.  Ownership may be transferred from one entity to another upon a change in employment status, however the original institution must approve.

CBHL retains the right to remove any content.

Opinions expressed in members’ Guides are those of the authors. They do not claim to reflect the opinions of CBHL or its members.

Content designated as “orphan” because its creator is no longer a member of CBHL will be retained or removed at the discretion of the CBHL board in consultation with the LibGuides Manager and the Electronic Communications Committee.

Members are advised to export any content they want to save prior to leaving CBHL.

The LibGuide Layers

A LibGuide has multiple layers availible so we can accomodate different functions and uses.

The primary or home Libguide will be the CBHL Libguide, and it will be the main congregation point for both members and non-members. Within this guide will be pages highlighting the CBHL members that have a website or a collection they would like to highlight and link to. It will also have a short description of CBHL itself, it's committees, and how to join. This guide will not duplicate the CBHL Website, as this site is geared toward seeking specific information from the libraries within CBHL, and a congreation point for the CBHL Committees.

From this page, we will link to Committee pages that are for members only.
Each committee will have its own LibGuide.

This page will also link to individual library LibGuide pages. A CBHL member may create his or her own LibGuide(s) (they will administratively be called a Group). On your guide you can create and customize your own LibGuide and present information about your library, services, hours, staff, unique features, events, research guides, bibliographies, etc. You will be responsible for the content and upkeep of the LibGuide site of your group.

First Steps

Welcome CBHL Member to LibGuides!
This instruction box will help you get started with becoming a CBHL LibGuide member, gaining access to members's only information including committee work, and giving you the chance to create a LibGuide for your own library.

On this page you will find how to get started with a LIbGuige page for your library and institution. You will also find helpful definitions and contact persons to help you along the way.

How do I get started?
1) Email the CBHL LibGuide Manager, Danielle Scheidt to set you up with a username and password. Also let her know if you are on a committee(s).

2) Go to our CBHL Homepage at:

3) In the lower right is a link for " Login to LibApps". Click and log in.

4) Across the top of the page is an orange bar; the furthest left is DASHBOARD - click it.

5) In the right column is your Profile Box.  At the top right of the box is Edit - click that.

6) The default is the middle tab, Customize Profile Box. Customize your profile with your information. You can fill in the boxes with as much or little information as you want. You may upload a picture of yourself, or a feature of your library or organization if you wish. Make sure you 'Save Profile' at the bottom of the page.

7) Go back to the original page by clicking DASHBOARD in the orange bar along the very top.

8) In the center of the page is the box "Guide Quicklinks" where you will see a Create New Guide / Edit Existing Guide, bekow which is a drop-down list of the guides you have created or co-own. This is where you will be able to access the Guides you have permission to examine and/or modify.


What is a guide?
Each guide can contain 1 or more pages, so you can think of a guide as a mini-website. Create guides on any topic, for any purpose.

What is the structure of a guide?
Guides consist of pages (tabs across the top), subpages (dropdown list from a tab), and boxes of content (text, links, rss feeds, videos, polls, widgets, etc.).
Hierarchy:     Guide > Pages/Sub-pages > Content Boxes > Info you add to the content box

Guide structure

This page is at: