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Tower Hill Botanic Garden Library: History of THBG/WCHS

Digitized resources, archival and special collections, exhibitions, and other items of interest.


Timeline of Worcester County Horticultural Society and Tower Hill Botanic Garden History (PDF)

Our organization's name is sometimes confusing as Tower Hill Botanic Garden and the Worcester County Horticultural Society (WCHS) are often used interchangeably. One easy way to think about the two names is that the WCHS changed addresses in 1986 with the move to Boylston, and since then has done business as Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Transactions of the WCHS

Transactions of the Worcester County Horticultural Society are annual reports dating back to the organization of the Society in 1840, But they go well beyond what one normally finds in an annual report. The volumes provide a unique record of the horticultural history of the county, who was involved, what was being grown and exhibited in popular, well-attended exhibitions, and how the Society was growing and changing with the county.

Digitized version are also available in the Biodiversity Heritage Library; Transactions from 2007-2011 are available in the Tower Hill Library.

Histories of the Society

Grow with Us Newsletter

Grow with Us began in 1964 as the member newsletter of the Worcester County Horticultural Society. It started as a quarterly update of news and information, classes and lectures. In 1981 it became bi-monthly and by 1986 when Tower Hill Botanic Garden was established in Boylston, MA it took on a new design and offered more photographs. Since the 1980's and continuing through 2015 it went through various changes in frequency, content, format and style. It did not appear in 2016 and reappeared as a single, online only issue in the summer of 2017.








Many contributed to the creation of this guide: Rose Koven helped with the early organization; Rebecca Bernardos with processing and researching several important collections; Bill Whelan with scanning newsletters; Brenda Morris and Merry Morgan Hill with portraits research for the Plantsmen exhibit, Roberta Pospisil and Karn Case with the seed catalog collection.Thanks to one and all!  Kathy Bell

This guide provided by CBHL