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Tower Hill Botanic Garden Library: Adaptive Gardening Tool Collection

Digitized resources, archival and special collections, exhibitions, and other items of interest.

Adaptive Gardening Tool Collection

All items are available at the Tower Hill Library and check out for one month at a time.
See the box below the table for photos of all Adaptive Gardening Tool Collection items! Records for all our Adaptive Gardening Tools are in our catalog.
Company Tool
PETA-UK LTD Arm support cuff
PETA-UK LTD Easi-Grip Cultivator
PETA-UK LTD Easi-Grip Trowel
PETA-UK LTD Long Reach Hoe
PETA-UK LTD Long Reach Trowel
PETA-UK LTD Long Reach Fork
PETA-UK LTD Long Reach Cultivator
Radius Garden Ergonomic Trowel
Radius Garden Ergonomic Transplanter
Radius Garden Ergonomic Weeder
Dramm Garden Scissors
Dramm Compact Pruner
Gardener Supply Gardener Kneeler and Seat

Images of Adaptive Tools

Arm Support Cuff (PETA-UK LTD)

Easi-Grip Cultivator (PETA-UK LTD)

Easi-Grip Trowel (PETA-UK LTD)

Long Reach Hoe (PETA-UK LTD)

Long Reach Trowel (PETA-UK LTD)

Long Reach Fork (PETA-UK LTD)

Long Reach Cultivator (PETA-UK LTD)

Radius Ergonomic Trowel

Radius Ergonomic Transplanter

Radius Ergonomic Weeder

Garden Scissors (Dramm)

Compact Pruner (Dramm)

Garden Kneeler and Seat (View 1) (Gardener Supply)

Garden Kneeler and Seat (View 2) (Garden Supply)

Library Info

Visit the Tower Hill Library on the lower level of the Stoddard Education and Visitor Center!

Thursday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

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